Tips For Choosing the best garage door repair company In Alpharetta, Atlanta, Or Marietta

Garage Door Repair Alpharetta GA

Choosing a garage door repair company can sometimes be a nerve wrecking experience. Many times, when you need a garage door repair expert, it’s usually not a planned event. Unless you have a previous relationship with a local garage door company, you may find yourself in a fix when your garage door malfunction catches you by surprise. This is why we have compiled this quick list of tips to help you make the best decision.

1.Do a quick Google search or use a personal reference

These two methods are the most reliable when it comes to picking potential candidates for your garage door repair task. Ask your friends and family members about the company they use, or if they can at least point you in the right direction. Most of them will also be more than willing to share their experience with the companies they have used before.

If personal references are not available, you can do a quick Google search, making sure to include your location in the search term so as to get local results, for example, “Garage Door Repair Experts in Alpharetta”. Alternatively, if you have diagnosed the issue already, you can get a little more specific with Google and search for terms like “garage door opener installation’ or garage door spring repair’ depending on what your specific issue is.

2.Narrow down to local companies

It’s much more convenient to establish a relationship with a professional local garage door repair company because they can come in handy when you need emergency fixes (which is almost always the case with most garage door malfunctions). You can quickly tell if a company is local by taking a look at their website or calling them. Be sure to check if they have a local area code and if their physical business address is local. If you live in Alpharetta for instance, you want to find the best company that is nearest to your area code, or at the very least, not outside Georgia.

3.Check company reviews

Reviews, feedback, and opinions from previous customers are a powerful way of judging the company’s reputation and quality of service. Check out Google reviews and comments to have a good feel of what you should expect when working with that specific garage door repair company. Ideally, you should favor a company with a large number of reviews, positive comments, and a high average rating. If you’re checking out reviews on directories like Yelp or Angie’s List, you might also want to check out how quick the company resolves customers’ issues and handles negative feedback.

4.Take another look at the company website

After narrowing down to 2 or 3 highly rated local garage door repair companies, you need to spend a few more minutes on each of their websites. This time you will be looking at how professional and updated their website is, their services, area of operation, and photo gallery of the work they have done before. A good company should cover a wide range of issues that arise with garage doors.

If you have a specific repair job in mind –such as garage door spring replacement or garage door opener repair –check to see that the company offering it. It would be nice to also check if the company offers emergency repair services; this is important because they will help you resolve garage door issues as they arise in a timely manner.

5.Consider the experience

A garage door is an important and sensitive part of your home; it’s the largest moving part of your house, the most common entrance/exit for most homes and it’s also associated with some of the nastiest fatalities when things go south. This is why it’s important to seek a service company with well trained, professional and highly experienced experts. It’s not just about how long they’ve been around, but how much experience their experts have with your specific repair task.

6.Consider their pricing

After factoring in all the above five steps, it’s time to talk about pricing. The rule of thumb is you shouldn’t automatically go for the cheapest price in your options. Remember, quality of service is the most important aspect and should ideally override the rest. So while getting an affordable quality is equally important, it should not come at the expense of service quality.

Most companies will give you an estimate of the repair cost if you describe the issue to them in detail, maybe tell them the type and model of the motor or opener that malfunctioned, or even take a photo of the broken parts. This is however never a guarantee until they visit and inspect your garage door.


Well, that wasn’t difficult, was it? Yes, finding a reliable professional garage door repair service can be an uphill task, but with the above tips, you should be able to make the right choice with relative ease. If you find a good garage repair company and like the quality of their service, be sure to leave a review Google to help out other people who need the service. You may also want to keep their business card within reach for when the next issue arises, or when your neighbor needs a recommendation.

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