Signs That Your Alpharetta Residential Home Needs Garage Door Repair Service

Preventive Maintenance and Repair Prevention Indicators

Garage Door Shake Rattle & Rough Rolls

Alpharetta GA Garage Door Repair

A properly functioning garage door system should run smooth and if not, it could cause for garage door safety risk.  It should be relatively quite and should not shake your entire home when opening and closing. If your garage door is displaying abnormal behaviors its most likely in need of a tune up and if left unaddressed will decrease the lifespan of your garage door parts. 

The Causes:  This type of behavior could be cause from a number of things, garage door rollers may be warn out and not gliding smoothly, the track could be out of alignment and binding down on the rollers, or the garage door openers belt / chain may be loose causing for slippage.  These items should all be inspected as preventive maintenance.

Garage Door Opener Is Loud

Often times when you think your garage door opener is overly loud your being mistaken for the entire system not working together as smoothly as it should.  

If your opener system isn't working smoothly yes there will be added noise and while this is likely culprit of the entire system, it doesn't remove the opener from being overworked and possibly damaged. 

Causes for an overworked or loud garage door opener: 

  • If your garage door springs are nearing their limited life cycle they may not be applying the proper lifting assistance that the opener needs (Garage Door Spring Repair Needed)
  • If your garage door drums and bearings are dried up or warn out this will create for excessive friction and drag (Garage Door Part Lubrication Needed)
  • If your rollers and tracks are binding up this will again cause for the opener to work harder to achieve the task of lifting the door.  This may be due to the tracks falling out of alignment.  (Garage Door Tune Up Needed)
  • If your Alpharetta home garage door opener or the entire system nuts and bolds have rattled loose this will cause for loud operation and a shaky opener.  Go though and make sure everything is tight.  

Garage Door Not Closing

Causes for A garage door to not sit tight or bounce back after hitting the floor could be: 

  • Garage Door Springs are wound to tight and lifting the door
  • The electronic limit settings on the opener need to be adjusted 

Still stuck?  Call a garage door repair expert!

If you have inspected the previously mention areas and still are unhappy with the performance of your garage door opener and the system as a whole it may be time to call in a garage door repair expert.  

Garage Door Experts Repair is located in Alpharetta GA and provides repair services though OTP North of Atlanta on Garage Door Openers, Springs, Panels and all other related parts.  

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