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Opener Repair Services

All garage door openers  consist of a set of standard parts and functions.  Repair of those openers can often be an affordable option when compared to replacing it all together.  Our repair team has all the necessary opener parts to complete your garage door opener repair on the spot.  Below you will find a list of  repairs and maintenance services that we provide. 

  • Garage Door Opener Moter Repair 
  • Garage Door Opener Striped Gear Repair
  • Garage Door Sensor Replacement and Adjustment
  • Garage Door Opener Chain Lubercation & Adjusting
  • Garage Door Remote Repair, Programming, and Installation
Garage Door Opener Repair

 Symptoms & Adjustment Tips

Often times when you think your garage door opener needs to be repaired it may only need a basic adjustment.  There are a three common adjustments a garage door opener may need for proper operation.  Below is a list of symptoms and adjustments that will restore your garage door opener to a functioning state. 

  1. Garage Door Won't Close All the Way
    • The close-limit switch may need adjusting
  2. Opener Reverses Before Hitting the Floor
    • Close-force setting needs adjustment
  3.  Door Reverses Immediately After Touching the Floor
    • Adjust the close-limit screw

 Symptoms & Adjustment Tips

The Garage Door Experts provide garage door repair and opener repair through out the metropolitan areas of Atlanta Georgia. Our services areas include the following  cities and their surrounding locations:

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    Marietta GA
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    Alpharetta GA
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    Roswell GA
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    Sandy Springs GA
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    Johns Creek GA
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    Lawrenceville GA
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    Buford GA
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    Milton GA
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    Atlanta GA

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