Buying a New Residential Garage Door

Best Garage Door Options Roswell Ga

If your garage door is squeaking, shaking, or not level, it might be time to invest in a new one.

As you may already know, garage doors aren’t one size fits all, so it’s wise to think about your exact needs before heading out to buy one.

Once installed, it will be a prominent part of your home for many years. A garage door isn’t something homeowners buy often. So it’s understandable that you might not know how to go about it. 

To avoid making expensive mistakes and going through major hassles, we’ve compiled some of the most important factors you should consider when buying a new residential door.

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A Garage Door Adapted To the Style of Your Home

To choose your door correctly, you must make sure that its style matches that of your home. If your home is contemporary in style, a modern garage door with simple looks and straight lines is the ultimate choice.

If you have a country-style house, a rustic and warm style door is ideal. You can also add moldings in x, diagonal or other shapes to enhance its style. However, for a traditional style home, consider a conservative garage door instead. You could even choose a wooden door that matches the front door of your home. A steel, but wood-like model is also a good choice.

A dated garage door, even just a little bit, will automatically give your house an old look. However, a beautiful door that matches the architecture of your house will instantly restore style and character to your home.

Choosing the Garage Door Colors

A garage door that matches well with the doors and windows in color will help to enhance your property. We recommend choosing neutral and dark tones for a contemporary home. Alternatively, you could choose a front door in a bright and different color. In such a case, be sure to match the color of the garage door to that of the window frames.

A Garage Door With or Without Windows

If your garage has limited natural light, or maybe you use it more often, you might want to consider a garage door with windows. You will be able to enjoy the daylight in your garage while adding a personal touch to your home. For a contemporary style, choose square or rectangular windows and frosted glass.

Invest A Little More for Heavier Garage Springs

Springs are what help your garage door go up easily and come down slowly. Most garage doors use torsion springs. The springs can typically be seen above the door.

Most standard torsion springs have a rating of about 5,000 to 7,000 cycles.

That may seem like a lot, but if you close and open your door 6 times a day, you can easily max out on the cycles in five years or less.

Consider spending about $50 extra for beefier garage door springs and you can get up to 10,000 cycles plus. Most garage door repair issues involve the springs, and so higher quality springs will reduce your maintenance costs.

Garage Door Opener

To complete your garage door system, be sure to select an efficient door opener. This is what will keep your door moving up efficiently and coming down slowly. If your garage is near a bedroom, consider a quiet garage door opener.

If security and convenience are crucial, consider a smart garage door opener with reliable security features. Most smart garage door openers, such as those offered by LiftMaster come with an app that allows you to remotely monitor and control your garage door.

Additionally, smart garage doors have extra security features that make it hard for would-be burglars to access your home via your garage.

So if you’re tired of repeated garage door opener repairs and breakdowns, now is the best time to swap your old, inefficient and faulty opener with a smarter and more secure model.

Think Twice About Installing Your Own Door

Installing your own garage door might save you a few hundred dollars, but it’s one of those DIY projects that come with plenty of opportunities for accidents and injuries.

As you may already know, most garage doors are heavy and come with a ton of parts.

Winding the springs requires special tools and skills, and a single mistake can quickly turn into a serious accident.

Hiring a garage door repair and installation expert is the safest and most efficient way to have your door installed.

Besides, if there is a problem, later on, you will have someone to call.  

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