10 Garage Door Safety Tips for Every Homeowner

Garage Door Safety

Your garage door keeps you and your family secure while complimenting the design and architectural style of your Atlanta Metro home. Most people take it for granted, but since it’s the largest and heaviest moving part of your house, the garage door carries endless safety risks and may need regular maintenance from an Atlanta Georgia based garage door service.

While the manufacturers do their best to deploy features and designs that minimize these garage door related safety risks, thousands of garage doors injuries are still reported across the U.S. each year. In this article, we compile some crucial safety tips and guides to help you and your family stay safe and avoid garage door related injuries. Read on. 

1.Garage door remote

Immediately you install a garage door, let your children know that garage doors and remotes are potentially dangerous and should not be tampered with or played with like toys. Remind them to keep a safe distance from a moving garage door at all times. As an additional precaution, keep the door opener remote out of their reach and make sure the door opener button is installed about five feet above the ground.

2.Regular Garage Door Inspections

A garage door inspection can help you catch developing flaws and faults in time before they cause an injury. Inspect the cables, the rails, and the gears and make sure that everything works properly. You also need to inspect the movement of the door on the rails by opening and closing it a few times. Additionally, inspect the door opener and other major parts monthly and consult a professional garage door repair service in Alpharetta immediately if you notice any major repair issues.

3.Your garage door Security

Consider installing smart garage door security systems such as the LiftMaster MyQ technology which notifies you if your door is left open. You can also remotely monitor, close and open your garage door from anywhere using a downloadable smartphone app.

4. Keep garage remote passwords secret.

Many companies such as Craftsman design openers which allow you to set user-specific and one-time codes. This can come in handy if you have a delivery or someone that needs one-time access. There’re also smartphone apps like the aforementioned that give you more control over your garage door monitoring and access passwords.

5. Keep an eye on the garage-springs

Your garage door spring is what supports most of the garage door weight and facilitates the movement of your door. After a few thousands ups and downs, most garage door springs succumb to wear, tear and tension and might snap. When this happens, you don’t want to be caught under your garage door. Broken garage door spring replacement and repair issues generally need to be left to experienced and trained garage door repair professionals.

6.Keep your garage door fully closed when not in use

Leaving your garage door partially open creates a serious safety hazard –it may not go in the directing you’re expecting when you try to operate it next time. Additionally, it invites intruders who might steal your valuables or harm your family members.

7.Install an auto-reverse feature

If your garage door doesn’t have an auto-reverse feature yet, we strongly recommend that you install one. This feature works by stopping and reversing a closing garage door if an object gets on the path of the door. This is important since it prevents a person, a vehicle or any object from being crushed under the weight and force of a closing door. If your garage already has a sensor installed, regularly check it to see that it’s working properly.

8.Never race a closing garage door

While the auto reverse feature is designed to protect you from being crushed by the garage door, there’re just those days when these tech things wake up with their own mind. This is why trying to walk, run or drive under a closing garage door with the target of beating it is a perfect setup for an injury and accidents. Even with a working auto reverse sensor, you need to get under it to trigger it, and if you misjudge the height of the closing garage door, you might knock yourself on the door panel really bad.

9.Watch out for Sharp Edges on the garage door tracks

Over 700 people each year get garage door related cuts in the U.S. alone. Most of these cut injuries result from garage door’s tracks and other sharp edges. While they are almost always minor cuts, you run a risk of getting an infection if the metal has rust or some form of dirt. To prevent this, always inspect and smooth out sharp exposed metal edges and wear protective gloves when working on your garage door.

10.Hire a garage door repair expert/professional

While there are garage door maintenance issues you can perform on your own such as garage lubrication and minor repairs, always hire professional garage door repair service for complicated repairs. Projects like broken garage door spring replacement, for instance, should not be attempted by inexperienced and untrained homeowners as they can potentially cause nasty injuries. Trained professionals have the tools, skills, and experience needed to troubleshoot your garage door repair issues ensuring that your door operates conveniently and safely.


The Garage Door Experts of Alpharetta GA are able to help you address any safety issues related to a proper functions garage door opener and possible garage repairs that can prevent injury.  Call us today for service.

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