Garage Repair Service Grease Points For Your Alpharetta Home

Being a residential homeowner in Alpharetta GA means that you have to keep up on regular garage door repairs in order to ensure a well-functioning garage door opener and spring system.

While you are lucky enough to not have to deal with salt and snow, Georgia can still get quite hot and humid with high levels of rainfall.   It’s these elements that can cause havoc to your garage door parts and require possible repairs to garage springs, door openers, and other related parts.

In this article, we will highlight some areas that you as a resident can monitor and provide service to in an effort to prolong premature Alpharetta garage repairs.

Garage Door Spring Lube

For the most part, your Alpharetta garage door springs should be just fine without lube, however, if you happen to get a squeaky spring you may consider spraying it. If your garage door spring is squeaky when running, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a spring replacement.

However, if you let a garage spring that is overly dry from the Alpharetta GA heat continue running without maintenance, it is possible that you will reduce the cycle life as a result from high friction levels.  It would be at that time your spring brakes and you require repair.


(Garage) Door Opener Chain Gress Ya or Na?

If you didn’t already know your garage door openers chain comes with a protective coating on it when delivered from the factory.  This coating is designed to last the life of the openers motor and shouldn’t need any grease in order to remain rust free.  However, if you feel that you want to give your openers chain a little love during spring cleaning, you can wipe it down with some wd-40.  This will clean it and act as a moiture repellenty with out gumming everything up with actual grease while promoting the prevention garage door opener repairs.

Its actually the garage door opener track that needs lubrication.

Where to create the garage door opener track

Garage Door Rail Repairs

Many people will apply lubrication spray to the bottom of your tracks service.  When in reality the garage door openers trolly runs and grips down on the top of that track.  This is where all the friction is and where any spray should be applied.  Keeping everything running smoothly with these regular greasings can not only make for a quieter door but also prolong andy possible door opener or spring repairs.

Steel Garage door rollers and PartsGarage Door Roller Repair

Any quality garage door roller will have their bearings sealed.  However, if your rollers are made of steel its likely they are either old and out of date, or are just cheap.  A cheaper garage door roller will not have a seal an would require lubrication.  Your rollers play a big roll in the overall resistance against friction that your garage door system experiences during operation.  If your rollers are sticky you can hurt both the openers motor, gear or cause for stress on the garage spring, leading to repair.

Spraying your rollers once every 6 months is a good intervale.  Make sure to not get a bunch of spray on the track though.  Spraying your garage door rack will result in a build of dust and grime.  This lead to un-necessary garage door repair services.


In conclusion

Keeping everything running smoothly isn’t to difficult.  A couple times a year you can gibe your garage a once over and promotes its garage door repair free life.  If your wondering which garage door lube to get, you can easily ask a local hardware store what they have in stock.  You will want a Lithium based spray.

If you feel you need to call a Garage Door Repair Experts we are on standby.



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