4 Home Improvements That Will Help Sell Your Home

Sell Your Roswell GA Home Faster By Performing Needed Garage Door Repairs

Are you planning to sell your house any time soon? You probably already know that doing a few home improvements and renovations will increase your home’s value and fetch you more cash when you decide to sell. But what you might not know is that not all improvements will pay for themselves when you sell your house. Some have too low ROI and implementing won’t be worth the effort, money and time.

The bottom line is to take a critical look at your home and note down areas that need improvement. Start with simple, basic renovations and work your way up depending on your budget. Many times, it’s the simple improvement and fixes that will make all the difference. Having said that, here are 4 improvements that will increase your home’s value and help you sell faster.

1. Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance 

When prospective buyers stop by your home, your garage door is among the first things they will check out. A non-functional or damaged door will form a negative impression on the buyer’s mind that will last throughout the house viewing session. Dents, discoloration and loud noises as the garage door moves up and down can easily hurt your asking price and delay the sale. 

The most problematic parts of a garage door include garage door openers, springs and rollers. Faulty openers, for instance, can cause your garage door to get stuck, move erratically or move in the wrong direction. Worn out springs on the other hand won’t be able to properly hold the weight of the garage door, which eventually causes imbalance. Thankfully, hiring garage door repair services in Rowell GA can have this issues fixes professional and give your potential buyers the confidence of a secure and functional garage door. 

2. Carpet Cleaning. 

If you’re putting your house on the market, having a sparkly clean interior will attract more buyers with handsome offers. Most homeowners planning to sell their homes tend to focus too much on the décor and interior colors, forgetting that the floor will also have a huge influence. Having a dirty and stained carpet will definitely ruin the mood of an otherwise promising house viewing session. 

Dirt, dust, stains and allergens that accumulate in the carpet over time can create an unhealthy living environment. No one wants to move into a home that has potential signs of dust mites under the carpet. So before listing your home for sale, consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services to clean your carpet. Preferably, request for steam cleaning as this removes deep-seated dust, stains and dirt from the inner fibers. 

3. New Paint 

Needless to say, your home’s exterior is the first thing your potential buyers will see when they pull up in the driveway. Without even stepping in your house, the exterior of your house can reveal a lot about the effort you’ve been putting towards maintaining your home. A house that has faded, peeling chalking or flaking paint with signs of mold and water damage on the siding is an indication that even the interior is equally neglected. 

Painting your home’s exterior before sell is the cheapest and most transformative improvement with high return on investment. A new exterior and interior paint job will make your home look clean and fresh, and hides visual defects. When repainting your home for sale, neutral colors are the best as they will appeal to

most potential buyers.

4. New Garage Door Installation 

If your garage door is severely damaged with large dents and constant malfunctions, regular garage door repair might not offer a permanent solution. Additionally, repairing your garage too often might eventually become too expensive than just having to install a new door. 

If this situation applies to you, then a new garage door installation would be a worthy investment. A potential buyer checking out your garage will quickly appreciate the new garage door installation for two main reasons. First, it improves the curb appeal and secondly, it offers a sense of security and safety considering most home burglars access houses through garage doors.

Bottom line

While there’re many other home improvements you can do to increase the value of your home before selling, the above four will give you a great return on your investment and efforts. If you’re low on budget, you don’t have to implement all the improvements at once. You can start with the simplest and cheapest renovations, and various stages as the funds become available.

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