Roswell garage door repair and maintenance tips

Your garage door is probably the most frequently use entrance and exit point in your home. With many moving parts, most of them under high pressure and tension, these parts can wear down sooner than you can imagine. Each component of the garage door has a major role to play if any of them fails or doesn’t perform to its optimal capacity, the rest of the components will begin to follow suit.

It’s, therefore, crucial to put more importance to your garage door care and maintenance to extend its efficient functionality and minimize the cost of repairs. Having said that, here are some garage door repair and maintenance tips to get you started.

1. Regular garage door inspection

Regular Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Inspection in Marietta GA

Regular inspection is the most important maintenance treatment you can give to your garage door. This will help you catch some defects and arising issues and fix them before they turn into major disasters or expensive repairs. Do a thorough visual inspection of all the major components including the tracks, cables, springs, opener, rollers and other major hardware.

Additionally, listen carefully to your door as you operate it and find out if there are any new, strange sounds. As you do your visual and listening inspection, note down anything unusual, including any part that is worn out, broken, loose, shaky or squeaky. Such parts are candidates for repair and replacement.

2. Garage Doors Balance

Your garage door needs to be balanced for the garage door opener to run smoothly and efficiently. A door that is out of balance means the opener has to work extra hard to move it up and down, and over time this strain on the opener may cause it to break down.

To check if your garage door has balance issues, first disconnect the power to the door’s opener. Then, lift the door half-way its tracks and let go –the door should remain in place. If it falls back to the ground or retracts back, then your door is out of balance. This usually means the springs are not balanced properly and can cause harm. Call a professional garage door repair expert to have this fixed as soon as possible.

3. Cables for Garage Doors

Repairing broken garage door cables on your Roswell Georgia home

Cables hold garage doors and prevent them from slamming to the ground, and they’re usually under high tension. Be sure to specifically check cables to see that there’re no broken strands or damaged sections. If anything seems off, do not attempt to fix it –cables can be extremely dangerous to handle. If you live in

Roswell, Georgia, for instance, you can contact the nearest garage door repair expert to have this fixed before it causes serious harm.

4. Track alignment for garage door openers

As the garage door moves up and down, it rolls on tracks on either side. The tracks should be kept free of debris and clean to ensure smooth movement of the door. This should be done regularly because debris tends to accumulate on tracks quite fast. In some cases, the tracks may have a dent or become misaligned. This can also cause the door to get stuck, move erratically, fall out of the track or damage the frame. To prevent this, have the tracks cleaned regularly and fix them as soon as any damage or misalignment happens.

5. Lubricate Moving garage door Parts

Garage Door Repair/Maintenance Lub

This is extremely important and yet neglected maintenance task that you can do as a homeowner. As you already know, garage doors have a lot of moving metal parts. These metal parts often rub against each other, and it’s not always a smooth sail. Routine greasing and oiling of the moving parts can add years to your garage and make it more efficient.

6.Garage Weatherstripping

Weather stripping is meant to keep the weather elements out and usually placed around the edges of the door panel. You should check to see that the entire stripping is present and not cracked, worn out or loose. If it is out of line or damaged, have the garage door weather stripping replaced with a new one for consistency and efficiency. This way, you will not only make your garage space comfortable but also save on energy bills.

Final thought

However high quality and solid your garage door is, without regular maintenance, it can get worn out and age really fast. Some of the maintenance tasks such as regular inspection and lubrication can simply be done by the homeowner. But, more complicated tasks such as garage door spring repair or anything to do with cables and the opener should be left to trained garage door repair experts.

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