The top 5 reasons your garage door won’t open or close

Reason for garage door repair when your garage door wont open on your Roswell an Alpharetta Georgia home

The Roswell homes garage door is bound to undergo wear and tear over time considering it’s the most frequently used exit and entrance in most homes. Consequently, your garage door will inevitably experience malfunctions every now and then. One of the most common problems you may have already noticed is door jamming. 

When your garage door refuses to open completely or doesn’t open all the way, the root course could be any number of areas. It’s best to understand the most common courses of this problem and whether it requires the attention of a professional. Below are the 5 common reasons why your garage door won’t open or close.

1.The Garage Door Photo Eye is Blocked

Most modern garage doors have a photo eye that detects if an object or a person is blocking the path of the door. The photo-eye is typically located about 4-5 inches off the ground. The sensor shoots a laser beam across the length of the door, if the beam is interrupted, the signal used to raise or lower the door will be cut off.

Inspect to see if the cable attached to the sensor is damaged or cut; a leak or rainstorm can occasionally damage the photo eye. Dust and dirt can also clog the eye and interrupt the beam, so cleaning the photo-eye with a tissue can sometimes resolve this issue.

2. Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

Garage door torsion springs are typically under high tension due to the massive weight of the door. When a torsion spring breaks, it can be quite loud – it will sound like a gunshot or a firecracker. Garage door springs are rated based on the number of cycles, and it will probably be the first thing to break on your garage door.

If you have a broken torsion spring, your door will stay shut and won’t respond to the trigger of your remote or wall switch. Do not attempt to open the door manually when you have broken springs as it can be very dangerous. The garage door spring repair task should be left solemnly to trained professional garage door repair experts

3.Your Garage Remote Control has malfunctioned. 

Sometimes the reason your garage door isn’t opening could be as simple malfunctioning remote control. If your remote doesn’t seem to trigger your garage door, you need to check a few things. Check if you’re within range or if the remote control antenna is blocked/damaged. Secondly, try opening the door with the wall switch, if it opens, a simple change of batteries could be all you need. Also, try reprograming your remote, and if all fails, then there could be a problem with the remote control itself.

4.The Door Is Off Its Track

Garage door off track issues are quite common, especially with extra heavy metallic doors. If your door is off track, it won’t slide smoothly or it will get stuck in the tracks in a skewed position. Check the track for bumps, gaps, obstacles or bends. Watch and listen as the door slides and take note of any friction areas or squeaks. 

Check why the door is slowing down and see if you can identify the track section that is misaligned. You can fix the issue by loosening the screws holding the track to the frame and tapping the track into the proper position using a rubber mallet. Tighten the screws once you’re done.

5.Your Garage Operator's Power Source Is Disrupted

Other times your garage door may not close or open for the simple reason that power supply has been interrupted. One of the scenarios could be that you unplugged the power cord absentmindedly as you were exiting the house and forgot you did so. In most cases, however, a more serious issue such as the circuit breaker or a blown fuse could have interrupted the power supply. Additionally, check to see that the power outlet is working properly by inserting another electronic device in the socket slot.

Bottom line

If your garage door won’t close or open, check out on the above-mentioned areas and chances are one of them is the course. If all the above areas have been addressed but you still can’t get your door to open, you should call in a garage door repair professionals to have your door checked. Above all, it’s good practice to schedule for regular maintenance of your garage door to prevent sudden breakdowns.

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