Maximizing Storage and Minimize Clutter in Your Garage

Garage Repairs and Storage For Your Roswell and Alpharetta Homes

​​​The garage is one of those rooms in your Roswell GA based home that is very likely to be stuffed with clutter. This is especially true if you’re using it purely as a storage room. Since it’s mostly “out of sight” and most of the homeowners spent very little time here relative to the rest of the house, it quite easy for it to be disorganized.

One of the main reasons garages become cluttered is because most homeowners use them to store the clutter they clear from the rest of the home. Considering that the garage is the first thing you see every day you come from work, any chaos and disorganization can be quite noticeable. And a disorganized garage and home at large reflects an unorganized mind and life. 

We thought today we should share 5 tips for maximizing storage and minimizing clutter in your garage. Here we go;

1.Get rid garage items or anything you don’t need 

Garage Door Repairs and Removing Clutter From your Georgia Home

The first order of business is to go through all your garage stuff and sort everything out. Open all those mystery boxes and find out what is inside –chances are you really don’t know what in all those boxes in the corner. This might seem like a taxing exercise, but it will pay off in the end. 

Categorize all the items based on what you want to keep, what you want to discard and what you want to donate. Clearing clutter can be quite satisfying and chances are you really won’t miss that old broken bike you have been meaning to fix for years.

2.Utilize the walls of your garage

Garage Door Repairs and Pegboards to organize ing your Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia home

 By design, most garages have a lot of wall space which you can take advantage of. You can look into options like installing shelving units for auto care tools and products, and hanging items like garden tools and even bicycles on hooks. This way, you will be able to cut down clutter and free up plenty of space on the floor.

Another great way to utilize the wall space is by installing a pegboard. These boards are very resourceful for organizing cords and tools and make them easily accessible and visible. These are relatively cheap and need very little skill to install. The wall storage system is great for utilizing your vertical space.

3.Overhead garage door storage units

Overhead garage door repair and storage in Roswell Ga

If you really want to take space utilization and home improvement to a new level, overhead garage door storage units can come in handy. It’s a great option if you want to really utilize vertical space in your garage space. These are special racks, usually made from sturdy metal, can be hanged in the ceiling, and allow you to use the top 2-3 feet of your garage space.

The overhead racks should be preferably used with plastic bins. But before using this method, you need to ensure that your ceiling is high enough to avoid hitting your head. Secondly, be extremely careful about installation so that you ruin your ceiling. Also, go slow on the amount of the weight you put in these racks as it might be tricky to move them off and on. Properly installed overhead storage units can allow you to utilize that top space the garage that you never thought was accessible.

4. Install a Liftmaster wall-mounted garage door opener

Liftmaster Side Mount Garage Door Opener Installation

If you would like to clear out the center of your garage ceiling by relocating the garage door opener the Liftmaster 8500 is a perfect option.  Model number 8500 this opener features a battery back up, rolling code security and conveniently mounts on the side of your door rather than hanging down from the ceiling. 

While this may no create a lot of usable space it can definitely open up the overall appliance of your garage.  Be sure to contact a professional for garage door opener installation.  


5.Consider using cabinets in you garage

Professional garage door supplier and door installation

 Cabinets are some of my favorite home improvement and organization tools when it comes to decluttering home spaces. You can easily keep messy looking items such as jars of screws/nails or bundles of cords out of way. Other than keeping your items organized, cabinets can be useful for keeping toxic or harmful material away from children and pets.


Garage storage cabinets are available in various designs –from small wall-mounted cabinets to taller, standing storage cabinets. Storage cabinets provide an ideal way of increasing the amount of storage space available and keeping your garage looking organized and clean.

6.Garage Maintenance

Getting your garage organized is one part of the struggle, the second part is keeping it organized. Go through your garage every after three months or so and do some touch ups –making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. You don’t have to wait for years so you can do an overhaul. 

During those maintenance sessions, declutter those random items that might have made their way in the wrong quarters of the garage. This is also the best time to make some tweaks to your organization systems so that they match your evolving needs. While at it, don’t forget to maintain your garage itself. For instance, if your garage door needs a new garage door opener installation or repair, repainting or fixing a broken spring, maintenance time is a great time to make these fixes.

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