How smart is your garage door ?

A few decades ago, smart homes were only a reserve of affluent families and science fiction movies. Today, home automation systems can be added to pretty much every function and feature in home including garage door openers, door bells, windows, security cameras, hot water heaters, speakers, clocks etc.

Home automation devices have generally made life simpler and quite exciting. If you’ve ever rolled up your driveway on a rainy day, you know how important simple things like an automated garage door opener can save the day. Today, we will look at the automated garage door smart apps and other smart home products that you should consider including in your home security system.

Automated garage door smart app.

Garage Door Opener Repair and InstallationWhile garages offer the much needed additional storage space other than housing your car, they are also potential entry points for burglars. This is why it’s important to ensure that your garage door is locked and secured at all times. Most modern garage doors have automated openers that can be controlled using a remote device, however, most pf them can only be used within a close range. And this is where the garage door app comes in.

Garage doors today come with smart automated openers that can be easily linked to a mobile app to be controlled from anywhere. The app allows you to see if the door is open or closed, and you can close or open it from anywhere. Most garage doors designed after 1998 can be easily retrofitted to facilitate smart control. It can also be fitted with features like an auto stop feature and audible alerts before it closes.

If you’re seeking for garage door opener repair or replacement, you should consider replacing the old opener with a new one that is integrated with a smart app. LiftMaster MyQ garage door remote is one such app that allows you to check the status of your garage door from anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Some of the MyQ core security features include real-time notifications when the garage is closed and opened by anyone. You can also preset times for your garage door to close or lights to come on/off using the Scheduling feature. Other than the garage door and lights, you also open and close gates, view a live video feed and adjust the temperatures of your house if you have the appropriate accompanying smart hardware and configurations in place.

Whether you need to protect your valuables from extreme weather or safeguard your home from potential intruders, Smartphone monitoring and control using MyQ can be a handy move. In order to use the app, you will need to install one of the best garage door openers from LiftMaster that is compatible with the app. And this includes LiftMaster models 8500W, 8550W, 8587W, and 8360W.

If your next garage door repair session has something to do with repairing or installing a new opener, it might be the best time to switch to an automated garage door opener supported by a smart app such as MyQ. As a rule of thumb, always seek for local professional garage door repair services to have this fixed correctly. If you live in Marietta, Atlanta or Alpharetta, for instance, try searching for terms like Alpharetta Garage Door Repair’ or Atlanta Garage Door Repair to find the nearest garage door repair company.

Other smart home products worth noting.

•Security Cameras: This kind of cameras allow you to remotely monitor your home from your smartphone or laptop. You can see in real time what is happening with your kids, elderly parents or pets. You can also be able to tell if an intruder tries to access your home.

•Smart Thermostat: smart thermostats can be great way of saving on energy cost. You can easily control your thermostat remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere, enabling you to keep the heat down and then turn it back up before you head home.

•Remote Doorbell: you can also include a door bell that alerts your mobile phone or tablet when someone is at your door. You can choose to receive an email or a text message when your doorbell rings.

•Remote Lighting: if you work late more often and don’t want to come home to a dark house, you can add light automation to your home smart security system to allow you to turn lights off and on from your PC, tablet or phone. You can control indoor lights, outdoor lights and even program when lights come off or on.


Home automation systems are no longer just fancy additions to modern homes but rather necessary convenient and security additions. Having an automated garage door opener and an app like MyQ allows you monitor and control your garage door remotely from anywhere. Security cameras, smart thermostats, remote lighting and smart doorbells are just a few other smart home functions you can add to your home. Preferably, you should find an app that allows you to control all these functions from one place.

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