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The garage door system is one of the most  used aspects to your home yet it is often the easiest to be taken for granted.  Day in and day out home owners will open and close their garage door repeatedly and not give one though to the expected life cycle of the door or the garage door parts.  

That is until they experience a failure.  Its at this time they either have to schedule an appointment for services or if they are unable to physically open they door they may need to contact a company that offers same day emergency garage door repair.    

How A Broken Garage Door Spring Can Leave You Stuck

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Often times a home owner will be suck in thier garage or unable to enter the garage when a garage door spring is broke.   This is especially true if your garage door consist of a single spring operating system.

Normally if you have duel spring system and you experience single spring failure (spring breakage) you would be able to simply release the emergency lever and open the door manually.  While the door can be opened in this circumstance, its important to note that weight of the door will be much heavier with out the assistance of both springs. Contrary to this, a single spring system could leave you stuck entirely.  

A broken garage door spring on a single spring system will cause for 100% of the weight to be applied to the manual operation.  With out any spring to assist you in the lifting of your garage door that can several hundred pounds, even an emergency level manual operation can leave you helpless.

It's at this point you will go to google or your yellow page phone book and search for garage door repair offered near you

Dependable Garage Door Repair In Alpharetta GA 

If you find your self in a situation as described above you can count on Stellar Garage Door Repair of Alpharetta to come to the rescue.  With same day repair availability we will send a service tech to your home ASAP.  Depending on the time of day, we will at bare minimum assist with getting that door open and then follow up next day for complete repair service.  

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